Wallet Obfuscation

Date: 4th May 2022

This tool is an attempt to obfuscate a wallet from the source of funds to final destination (Seed Wallet) over the Coston Development Network.

Seed Wallet

Before you begin, we should clarify what a "Seed Wallet" is.

A seed wallet is a wallet that has enough funds to make anonymous payments - this will be useful for future tools.

Seed wallets attempt to be obscure, and should try and obfuscate fund source.

Seed wallets should not be used to hold funds for the long term, rather a gateway to your final wallet.


We will require that you set up an initial wallet with funds, and MetaMask browser plugin.

This wallet would be the funds source, and therefore would require some CFLR.

To play, get some CFLR, and install Metamask. More instructions here.


CFLR have zero value, and as such we have set the fee at 2 CFLR with a constant value of 3 CFLR per seeding process. This means you will get back just under 1 CFLR due to network fees.

We intentionally used simple numbers for this demonstration making it easier to work out how much you would get in your seed wallet.

Let's Begin

Click the "connect" button to connect MetaMask to Sun-Dara.co.uk

Seed A Wallet

  • Address
  • Private key
  • * Please make a copy of your private key, if you do not, your funds could be non-recoverable
  • Value (In CFLR)

Don't have a Seed Wallet?

Don't fret, click "Create" to create one.

Seed Process

  • Click to Start Seed Process


Here is a log of actions.

Try Live

Currently we support:

More to come...hopefully!


It is your responsibility to use this tool correctly and legally. We do not hold any information or data by design.