Songbird is the canary network of the Flare Networks.

Canary Network

A canary network is an experimental blockchain that simulates the real main network. This means that users can design smart contracts, and interact with Songbird and be confident that their results will be the same as the main Flare Networks blockchain.

Other uses for Songbird, is to test governance proposals before voting on them, with successful proposals then migrating over to the Flare Networks main network.

Songbird Time Series Oracle

As the Songbird Network will have its own time series oracle we will be sending pricing data to the Songbird Time Series Oracle (STSO).

We decided to have a completely separate system to submit STSO price data submitter, to our Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) price submission in order to make changes as and when without affecting the Flare Time Series Oracle price submission engine.

As the code on the STSO and FTSO would be different – it did not make sense submitting the exact same data to both oracles.

Miners on the Songbird Network send pricing data to the Songbird's STSO, which is then used to convert coins in to their corresponding S-Asset.

Our STSO Price Feeds

Here is our latest price feeds we have sent to the Songbird's STSO.